A short biography of Michael Griffey II


Name: Michael Griffey II
Sign: Libra
Location: Titusville, FL
Places I've lived: Indiana, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, and Florida.
Places I've been: All over the continental U.S....
Current Occupations: Truck Driver, Musician
Previous Occupations: You name it, I've probably done it....

I have had a dream of being involved in music since I was very young. My Dad used to record me singing on an old reel-to-reel to Alice Cooper's "Billion Dollar Babies" and "Welcome to My Nightmare" when I was just 6 years old. I would watch these grand theatrical performances and knew that I wanted to be up there someday. Watching great performers like Alice Cooper, Jim Morrison, David Lee Roth, King Diamond and Bruce Dickinson solidified this need to be on the stage.


*Madness (1986) pre-Demonic Insanity band. We changed the name when we realized it was being used by an 80's pop band...urrgh!

*Demonic Insanity (1987) jammed mostly in my dad's basement....our earliest recordings with drummer Dave Bulington (deceased) were lost. Some of these were recreated in 1993 and were eventually released on the first album, "Emotional Hell" in 2000. "Trance" was the second and most experimental album, but marked the end of D.I.

*The Richard Cranium Band (1987) on stage, we called ourselves "The Dickheads"...which got us kicked off a lot of stages...we built these papier-mache heads and squirted Jergens lotion out of the top of them onto the poor people who were unfortunately expecting something different...we didn't know any real music, we just wanted to see how long they would put up with us...

*Anno Domini (1992) Glenwood Springs, Colorado was where I was lucky to be involved with these death merchants who shared my obsession with King Diamond.

*Psychosis (2000) now defunct melodic metal band. We had a great time making great music reminiscent of Mercyful Fate and old Judas Priest.

*Counterclockwise(2002) I was lucky enough to be involved with these regional thrash faves.

*Sea of Hate (2003) I am one of a rolling roster of members in this free-jazz noise act

*Syphilis (2009)Released debut EP in 2010 titled, "Got Syphilis". Digital Re-Release currently available worldwide.Currently working on new untitled album.

*Der Teufel (2015)Released debut EP in 2016 titled, "Death Toll". Currently available worldwide. Limited CD release.